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Notification Bar Plugin

Notification Bar Plugin

Notification Bar Plugin

Notification Bar Plugin - 1 Notification Bar Plugin - 2

Notification Bar Plugin Allows you to add a cool notify bar to your WordPress website. This plugins gives you an additional extended message feature which you can control by settings in the backend.


Notification Bar Plugin - 3 Notification Bar Plugin - 4 Notification Bar Plugin - 5

Now use the short code [nbarExtclick]Click Here[/nbarExtclick] and this will create a event to open up the extended bar on click.

Notification Bar Plugin - 6 Notification Bar Plugin - 7

You need to upload the zip file to the add plugin option in the backend or you can ftp the plugin files to the wp-contents/plugins folders. Then you need to go to the plugins tab and activate the plugin.

Notification Bar Plugin can be used to create any number of notification bar and you can seamlessly use them on any page as you wish. You have full control. Here are some of the features of the Notification Bar Plugins

  1. Create Multiple bar and use them as per wish on posts/pages.
  2. Support to social icons.
  3. Compatible with all the browsers
  4. Fully HTML support: You can put any html in the message you want to display. So you can customize it any way you want.
  5. Extend bar feature: Sometimes the message space is not enough for you. You can use the extend bar feature which will slide down autmatically at the time you set and will slide bar up to the time you set up. So you have an extra space to market your things without irritating the user.
  6. Enable/disable for a particular post or page
Notification Bar Plugin - 8

To make settings for the plugin click on the Notification Bar pro tab on the left bottom in the wordpress backend.


 == version 2.0.10 == 12:56 PM 2/5/2016 - WPFruits 1. Enable Shortcodes in notification bar.  == version 2.0.9 == 12:36 PM 1/23/2014 - WPFruits 1. Fixed plugin admin settings styles issues with WordPress latest version (3.8). 2. Fixed few warning issues.  == version 2.0.8 == 9:45 AM 6/28/2013 - WPFruits 1. Added sidebar option under extended message section. 2. Added extened message container width option. 3. Added [nbarExtclick]Click Here[/nbarExtclick] shortocde, Now notification bar can open from any where in page/post content. 4. Fixed some style issues. 5. Fixed layout issue.  == version 2.0.7 == 1:58 PM 3/13/2013 - WPFruits 1. Updated plugin with responsive style. 2. Fixed some jquery issues.  == version 2.0.6 == 6:30 PM 2/15/2013 - WPFruits 1. Tested plugin in WordPress (3.0.1 - 3.5.1). 2. Updated ajax saved code. 3. Fixed some style issues. 4. Fixed wp_editor issue. 5. Fixed media upload issue.  == version 2.0.5 == 7:23 PM 2/7/2013 - WPFruits 1. Updated admin feel and look. 2. Added ajax code to save notification bar data. 3. Added Facebook Like and Google Plus button under the social links block in admin panel. 4. Added plugin pot file. 5. Added Default position option to display notification bar top or bottom. 6. Added wordpress editor to the Extend Message option in admin panel. 7. Fixed some jQuery issues.